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Entertainment & Convention Centre

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists. Therefore time is a critical dimension in the planning of hospitality construction in such a booming area.

Over 8360 sq m (90,000 sq ft) of floors on 4 levels was required to be installed so the Entertainment and Convention Centre could open in time for another busy summer season.

The erection must start in December, and continue through the frigid winter months.

Precast was the solution of choice. By using 254 mm (10 in) and 365 mm (12 in) deep precast concrete hollow core slabs the 8630 sq m (90,000 sq ft) of flooring could be accomplished within schedule and through the winter weather. Careful planning and coordination was done by collaboration between the project manager, precaster, and structural steel erector prior to any construction activity on site.

The team was able to limit the number of crane mobilizations, satisfy precast and steel installation with good crane access between column grids and ensure the job was well on schedule by having the precast and structural steel contractors work closely together to achieve continuous erection of the steel and hollow core floors. The precast floors were installed two levels at a time by "fishing" hollow core slabs through the steel frame between the column grids, thus keeping the crane reach and size to a minimum. By February, over 7400 sq m (80,000 sq ft) of hollow core slabs had been erected.

The Entertainment and Convention Centre is an addition to the newly refurbished Sheraton on the Falls Hotel (formerly the Skyline Foxhead Hotel) and was ready to open in time for the summer season.

The precaster, engineer, project manager, and owner were able to satisfy both the structural and schedule demands of this project through teamwork in the early design / build stages.

254 mm (10") hollow core slabs     1950 sq m     21,000 sq ft
365 mm (12") hollow core slabs     6500 sq m     70,000 sq ft
Solid precast concrete retaining wall panels     140 sq m     1,500 sq ft

Owner: Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.
Architect: Piraino + Raimondo Associate Architects Inc.
Precaster: Coreslab Structures (ONT) Inc.
Engineer: M. A. Steelcon Engineers Ltd.
Project Manager: Niacon Limited Construction

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