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Nortel Networks Palladium

Precast insulated wall panels were chosen to meet a critical customer requirement - NORTEL Networks needed to have their building erected and functional as quickly as possible to meet their own product production / scheduling requirements. Construction took place in mid-winter. The selection of precast prestressed insulated wall allowed rapid enclosure of the building thus allowing interior construction to continue free from the harsh winter elements.

The exterior finish on the panels was chosen by the architect and contained several feature reveals to facilitate/encompass a customized unique appearance. An off-white finish was chosen with two textures &endash; smooth sandblasted and exposed aggregate. Coloured accent strips were fastened to the precast panels.

The building's exterior walls were erected in two phases, enabling work on the Phase I interior to take place in conjunction with the installation of Phase II insulated wall panels. This was vital to meet the timeframe established by NORTEL Networks.

Project Information:

•34,000 sq. ft. of exposed aggregate insulated exterior wall panels
•Exterior finish combined a Chamois pigment with: 1/2" lime stone aggregate, white marble sand and a mixture of 75% white & 25% grey cement
•R20 insulation value
•Production started on December 9th - completed January 13th
•Phase I of the precast installation ran from December 22nd to 24th
•Phase II of the precast installation ran from January 11th -19th
•Substantial Completion Date - June 1, 2000

Owner: NORTEL Networks
Architect/Engineer: J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd.
Contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Precast: Pre-Con Inc

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