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New Lynden Precast Concrete Modular Building
Lynden, Ontario
The City of Hamilton required a new building for a water treatment system in Lynden, Ontario. 
The residents in Lynden had been under a drinking water advisory since 2011. Therefore, this new treatment system and the facility were paramount for the health and safety of the residents of Lynden and to ensure that they could have access to clean drinking water.
The project included not only the new precast concrete building but also an entire new treatment system with new equipment, yard piping, a groundwater supply well for the treatment plant and an access road off Highway 99.
Precast concrete modular construction was chosen for the building for its speed of construction, efficiency and durability. For this project, the precast concrete manufacturer engineered and fabricated precast concrete wall panels and roof sections to create a modular building with sufficient insulation for the facility’s purposes.
The precast concrete panels included the following:
  • Exterior insulated wall panels (R10)
  • Interior solid panels, and 
  • Non-insulated roof sections
Once the components were fabricated, the precast concrete supplier installed the building, including the caulking of all joints and roof flashing of the precast concrete joints. The insulation for the ceiling was installed on site after the precast concrete installation was complete.
The exterior walls have a simulated stone pattern in grey on the bottom, and a faux brick pattern at the top, with the simulated stone pattern running the full height at the corners. The brick portion was stained using several colours in red tones to make it unique and stand out in the field. After the installation was completed, an anti-graffiti sealer was added to the exterior precast concrete wall panels to protect the building long-term and ensure its durability.
The new modular building was completed in July 2020. After a year of testing the new treatment system and the quality of the water, the lead drinking water advisory for the residents of the rural Hamilton community of Lynden was lifted after being in effect for almost a decade.
Check out this video to see the installation process and how this modular precast concrete project came together: 
Photos courtesy of Central Precast
City of Hamilton
Bennett Mechanical Installations Ltd.
Precast Supplier:
Central Precast
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