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Canad Inns Hotel
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Being close is essential for those who have a loved one in the hospital. For the first time in Canada a hotel has been built that is directly connected to a hospital, the Canad Inns Hotel at Winnipeg’s Health Science Centre. Squeezed in between multiple buildings of the Health Science Centre’s complex, the 16 story hotel boasts 191 rooms, conference facilities, two restaurants, a café and a large atrium designed by Number TEN Architectural Group.

Considering the tight space and results sought by Canad Inns, Bird Construction, the General Contractor, used value engineering analysis to provide the client with cost reduction and schedule improvement options. Among these was the switch from masonry construction to precast concrete walls for floors three to 16, while the basement and first two floors remained cast-in-place to accommodate unique layout conditions and improve schedule. This allowed the team to complete the tower construction in almost half of the time of that originally anticipated.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing precast is the ability to manufacture the building elements off-site while the foundation and sub-structure are being constructed on-site. This overlap of work at the front end of the project was instrumental in schedule improvement. The Lafarge erection crew further improved the construction schedule by erecting a floor per week, which is twice as fast as other construction techniques.

Since the majority of the construction was completed during the winter months, by constructing with precast, the contractor was also able to save money on heating and hording costs that would typically be necessary for masonry construction.

The $29 million facility was completed using 130,000ft² of hollowcore floors and 55,000ft² of wall panels which included bearing walls and shaft walls for stairs and elevators. The use of precast concrete provided fire and sound resistance as well as durability, in addition to reduced construction costs and improved schedule.

Lafarge is proud to have helped build a durable hotel which keeps loved ones connected during difficult times. The hotel opened in April to a fanfare of accolades. Winnipeg is a better city with this construction complete.

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