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RCMP Heritage Center

The architecture on the outside of the building, home to the RCMP Heritage Centre in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, is made up of stone, glass and concrete. The building was designed by world-renowned architect Arthur Erickson and has been open to the public since May 23rd, 2007.

Construction on the building began in 2005 with the first phase covering 6500 m2 at a cost of $29 million dollars to complete. Plans are in the work to add another 740 m2, all which will include more intriguing architecture, historical landscaping and new exhibits. The building is owned and operated by an independent non-profit organization known as the Mounted Police Heritage Centre.

The RCMP Heritage Centre shares information with the world about the RCMP with displays, multimedia technologies and different programs and tours. Dating back 135 years, the RCMP has been an important part of Canada's history which has protected our country and brought out the recognition it deserves.

The east face of the building, where the roof reaches toward the sky, is reflective of today's RCMP - a modern police force that is committed to serving Canadian communities and the world today and in the future.

Consisting of 21 flat-oval shaped columns 1200 long x 350 wide varying from 9m to over 17m in length the east face reaches for the sky. Massive columns on the façade of the building were an integral part of the design theme that the architects were providing for this historically significant building.

The type of component wasn’t chosen until the later stages of design. The contractor felt that precast would be the best choice because of its ability to achieve structural capability in conjunction with aesthetics. The precaster then provided a range of samples of finishes, for approval by the architect. The columns provide the support structure for the canopy, and are one of the most prominent features of the building.

Open daily to the public, the RCMP Heritage Centre changes regularly with new exhibits, ceremonies and programs.

Owner: RCMP Heritage Center
Architect: Arthur Erickson Architectural Corp./ P3 Architecture
Precast Supplier: Lafarge Canada Inc – Winnipeg Precast Division
Contractor: PCL Maxam, a Joint Venture
Structural Engineer: Brownlee Beaton Kreke

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