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Telus Building

TELUS will open its new office in Ottawa this fall. This state-of-the-art ‘green' building will bring together some 300 TELUS employees who are currently located at various locations across Ottawa.

“We are very excited about the new TELUS Building and the opportunity it gives us to showcase leading edge technology and services in a signature building that we believe will become an Ottawa landmark,” said Janet Yale, TELUS executive vice president, Corporate Affairs. “Ottawa is an important growth market for TELUS and the decision to invest in a new building in the heart of downtown demonstrates our long term commitment to the city.”

The TELUS Building, on the north east corner of Bank and Slater Streets, will have approximately 105,000 square feet of office space on eight floors, with two floors of underground parking. The ground floor will feature retail space fronting onto both Bank and Slater Streets.

The building will reflect TELUS' commitment to environmental and social responsibility. “Our real estate team is ensuring that we have a 21st century building designed to qualify for certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program,” said Andrea Goertz, TELUS vice president, Logistics.

Precast construction allowed casting to begin while foundation and superstructure work was being done Winter installation was important in the project scope as much of the work was done during the winter months. The tower crane had to be used for the majority of installation due to access issues; available road closures and the complete back elevation being on the property line of the adjoining building.

The crane capacity governed the precast panel sizes specified in the original design. A new panel layout was done to reduce the panel sizes. The design flexibility of precast architectural wall panels made it possible to add false joints to satisfy the architect’s original design.

Winter installation was not a problem for precast installation. The quickness of installation and the modular design closed the building in fast. No additional costs for heating were required during the precast panel installation.

Coping panels, flat panels, punched window panels and one piece corners units were all used on this project. Sizes of panels ranged from small coping pieces to large 2.8m x 7.7m panels. A medium sandblast texture simulated a fine stone finish. Precast planter panels used on the terrace also act as seating units. In total, 230 precast panels covering 1650 sq m (17,800 sq ft) were used on this project.

Precast’s energy efficiency, recyclability, reusability, durability, minimal waste in the precast plant and at the jobsite aided in the environmental friendliness of this project and assisted in achieving LEED certification.

Contractor: Broccolini Construction Inc.
Architect: Richard Chmiel Architect & Associates
Engineer: Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd.
Precaster: Central Precast Inc.

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