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The Prince Arthur Condominiums

The building complex steps from a residential area in increasing heights until the final tower rises above the adjacent buildings, giving the occupants of the upper floors a great view of the city beyond.

The use of several different building envelope materials allowed the architect to create buildings that respect a low rise residential neighbourhood to the North, and rise to a tall structure in the South and integrate with the commercial buildings found at the South of the block.

The precast concrete on the bottom two floors contain cast-in reveals and features that mimic real cast stone, but do not require the same time and expense.

Field-set masonry in combination with precast elements is introduced at the third floor. This compliments the single family masonry dwellings found to the North of Prince Arthur.

The facade reverts from masonry to precast wall panels as the building increases in height, the panels once again mimicking the look of natural cut stone.

A number of areas on the tower lack sufficient structure to support field set masonry. This situation was solved by delivering bricks from the job site to the precast manufacturing plant where they were cast into precast concrete spandrel panels. The brick-faced panels, spanning from column to column, were then erected and attached to the structure.

The main entrance is the main focal point of the architectural design at ground level. The archway is centered on the terminus of Yorkville Avenue and appears to be the entrance gate into the courtyard of an ancient castle. The arch is fabricated from finely detailed precast panels that demonstrate the craftsmanship achieved in the precasting process.

The project demonstrates the successful integration of two distinct building materials; architectural precast concrete and masonry. Each material successfully compliments each other to make the Prince Arthur Condominiums an elegant and truly distinct building.

Owner: Minto Developments Inc.
Architect: Page + Steel Architects Planners
Engineer: Sigmund Soudack & Associates
General Contractor: Eastern Construction
Precast Concrete: Res Precast Inc
Additional Participants: LIUNA Local 506

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