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Cericola Farms Poultry Plant Addition

The Challenge
Design, produce and install over 13.000 square feet of hollow care slabs, eight inverted "Tee" beams and ten structural precast support columns. Typically this challenge would be of the normal stature in terms of the precast scope of work but this particular project had to be delivered and installed within a tight five-week time frame. Also, the addition had to be erected without jeopardizing the normal operation of the adjoined production facility.

The Triumph
Precast concrete was the most appropriate choice of structure for numerous reasons. The owner wanted a construction material that could be power washed on a daily basis to keep the facility clean and up to food industry standards. This material had to be non-combustible and non-corrosive.

Precast concrete also provided the owner with a less porous surface than standard poured concrete This was important because the smooth finish on the steel formed precast made the interior of the plant less susceptible to any potential fungus growth

Through careful design and constant cooperation with the owner the precast was installed on schedule and remarkably in just two days.

The Project
Cericola Farms is a poultry plant that is dedicated to very high cleanliness standards. By using precast concrete in the plant the precaster was able to help the owner maintain an immaculate facility. Because of the speed and care that the precast installers displayed the existing operation was able to function at its normal pace for the duration of the construction schedule.

The Details
10" Hollow Core Slabs
12" Hollow Core Slabs
10 Precast structural Columns
8 Precast Inverted Tee Beams
7,298 sq. ft.
5,991 sq. ft.
160 lf.
240 lf.

Architect: 416 Design Inc.
Engineer: A-D Structural Engineering Ltd.
Owner: Cericola Farms Ltd.
Project Manager: Cericola Farms Ltd.
Precast: Coreslab Structures (ONT) Inc

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