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Foothills Medical Centre Parkade
Calgary, Alberta

The parkade at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta, needed to be completely rebuilt to meet the needs of patients, staff and visitors. The new parking structure was constructed where the previous two-storey lot was located. Once demolished, a new four-storey precast concrete parkade was built to replace the older structure.

The new parkade now offers 2,034 parking stalls. It consists of many precast concrete components, including inverted tees, double tees, columns, spandrel panels and wall panels. A total of 1,757 precast concrete pieces were used to achieve this parking structure.

The parkade has overall square footage of more than 600,000 ft2 of precast concrete. The Lot 8A surface parking lot was also expanded to provide an additional 272 stalls.

The location of the facility provided some installation, construction and logistical challenges. The parkade is right in the heart of the active acute health care campus and is also located beside the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the main hospital, where they have sensitive medical equipment. This meant that access to the site was quite restricted, and careful planning and consultations were required. It was crucial that all parties worked in close collaboration to ensure the safety of those trying to access the main hospital entrance, which is the main artery for vehicles and pedestrians.

The precast concrete supplier took seven months of dedicated production and eight months of on-site precast concrete installation. In 2019, the project was fully completed, and the new central parking was open to patients, their families, staff members and visitors.

The Foothills Medical Centre parkade highlights that precast concrete provides a comprehensive solution for making any parking garage more attractive, functional, and affordable. Experience the benefits of having design assistance, engineering, fabrication and installation—all in one place. 

Photos courtesy of Eagle Builders LLP 


Alberta Health Services
Precast Supplier:
Eagle Builders LLP
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CANA Construction
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