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OneFortyNine Total Precast Apartment Buildings
Hamilton, Ontario

OneFortyNine is a seven-storey total precast apartment building consisting of (73) one & two bedroom units ranging from 530 to 800 square feet. The city of Hamilton required the building finishes to match the surrounding properties therefore a stone & brick formliner was proposed for the project. The end result is a modern building with a traditional historic look.

Total precast was an economical solution for this project due to the tight site restrictions and access. Furthermore, the erection timeline was far quicker than the traditional superstructure with a brick and stone veneer. One entire level (9,000 square feet of precast hollow core floors & 7,600 square feet of precast walls) was erected in just five working days.

Project at a glance: 

  • 52,000 square feet of 8" load bearing and non-load bearing precast concrete wall panels
  • 2,800 square feet of 15" load bearing insulated wall panels for the exterior elevator shaft wall
  • 64,100 square feet of 10" precast hollow core floors
  • 1000 square feet of precast landings with 25 precast concrete stairs
  • 115 linear feet of structural precast columns
  • 286 linear feet of decorative cornice

The exterior finish was completed using Fitzgerald Formliners and BASF paint. The first coat of paint is applied at the manufacturing facility followed by the second coat on site after erection. This sequence allows the building to have a "finished look" during construction which helps with pre-sales and rentals.

Total precast systems can significantly reduce the project’s construction when compared with steel and even more when compared with cast-in-place concrete construction. The savings can be critical in bringing a new building into a competitive marketplace or in meeting a tenant's need for occupancy on a specific date. A total precast system's speed helps keep projects on track. In addition, total precast concrete systems offer durability, aesthetic variety and low-maintenance all while keeping the project on budget. Find out more about total precast construction at: 

Jackson Hospitality
Suu-dda Patkar Architectural Corp.
Hallex Engineering
Niacon Construction
Precast Supplier:
Stubbe's Precast Inc.
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