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Omstead Foods

Build an addition to an existing food processing plant with large open spaces for equipment and truck access, while ensuring that all hygiene requirements were exceeded. This project also had to be done on a fast track schedule of 8 weeks to not disrupt ongoing production and harvesting.

Hollow core roof slabs were ideal for this food processing plant. The facility's 56,640 sq. ft of 14" hollow core roof slabs spanned 50 feet allowing for fewer columns and more open space. The hollow core plank's ability to be used as a platform for the roofing and mechanical trades, immediately after installation, helped to accelerate the schedule. The smooth interior underside surface of the planks provides the perfect finish with just a coat of paint. Precast concrete is popular in food processing plants due to its low maintenance, durability and, above all, is construction that does not allow bacteria to gather and can be easily hosed down. The moist climate within the plant encourages rust formation in any exposed steel, making precast the more viable option.

In an effort to increase capacity, Omstead foods in Wheatley, Ontario a processor of frozen fish and vegetables added on to their existing facility. Their need for a building material that would have a long span while still maintaining sufficient headroom, that could conquer scheduling deadlines and would meet high health and safety standards all led to one choice; prestressed precast concrete.

Project Details:
2,160 linear feet of columns
1,920 linear feet of beams
Hollow Core
16,800 sq. ft. of 12" Mezzanine Slabs
56,640 sq. ft. of 14" (50') Roof Slabs
7,680 sq. ft. of 8" Slabs

Project Credits:
Owner: Omstead Foods
Project Manager: T Grossi Construction
Engineer: Kilborn Engineering
Precaster: Prestressed Systems Inc.

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