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Red Deer Fire Hall #3 and #4
Red Deer, AB

Red Deer Fire Hall #4

In 2016, Eagle Builders was awarded the contract to engineer, manufacture and install the precast concrete structure for the 12,000 Sq. ft. Red Deer Fire Station #4 located at 406 Townsend Street in Red Deer Alberta. The building includes training mechanisms for high angled or confined space rescues (built right into the structure) and a hose tower built to also train employees for sprinkler, high angle, and ladder scenarios. The fire station also includes 5 apparatus bays.

The precast concrete manufacturer supplied 111 precast concrete panels for this project. The panels included architectural finishes such as curved reveal lines, embedded thin brick veneers, and Eagle Builders used a stone formliner to replicate the look and feel of real stone at a fraction of the cost to make the building more aesthetically pleasing and to blend in with the landscape. By combining the prefabricated structural, insulated and architectural elements into one building component, the manufacturer was able to install the entire wall assembly in only five days.

The use of load-bearing insulated precast concrete wall panels helped the City of Red Deer to save on construction time and come in under budget, all while providing a solution that is durable, safe, low-maintenance and with a long lifespan. The structural system used for this facility is designed not to rust, mold or burn, making it a safe building that will be able to protect and serve local residents for generations to come. The Red Deer Fire Hall #4 opened in January 2017. 


Red Deer Fire Hall #3

Building on the success of the Red Deer Fire Station #4, a contract was also awarded in 2017 for the engineering, manufacturing and installation of the precast concrete structure for the Red Deer Fire Hall #3. This second fire station is a 12,200 Sq. ft. building located at 100 Lees Street in Red Deer, Alberta.

The precast concrete wall panels were also designed to combine the structural, insulating and architectural elements into one building component. A total of 120 insulated precast concrete panels were used for station #3 and it only took five days to produce them and another five days to install them.

The walls did not require perimeter columns therefore it provides the facility with more usable space. The design of this structure was very similar to Fire Hall #4 including the architectural finishes, precast concrete manufacturing and installation times.

Both buildings were completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Precast Concrete offers a solution that integrates resilience, safety, energy efficiency, accelerated construction, aesthetic appeal along with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Photos courtesy of Eagle Builders 

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