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Ajax GO Station Parking Garage
Ajax, Ontario

The Ajax GO Station Parking Garage is located on Westney road in Ajax, Ontario. The parking superstructure has 6 levels and provides a total of 1,300 parking spaces for commuters. Construction began in July 2011 and was completed in August 2013.

The Ajax GO Transit parking garage used a variety of precast concrete products to deliver a resilient and durable structure. This project was able to combine a unique exterior design with strength for years to come. Armtec designed and supplied all the components, including double tees, beams, spandrels, columns, shear walls, column walls and exterior architectural wall panels.

The project included extensive improvements to the existing platform, permanent platform extensions as well as a new elevator, stairwell structure and connection to the pedestrian tunnel.

Both ends of the parking structure had (lateral support) shear walls 3-4 bays away from the end of the structure. This was designed to provide better sightlines at the vehicular turning areas at each end of the structure. With shear walls so far into the footprint of the structure, the precast columns had to be used as a temporary moment-frame lateral support during erection. The 7 level high precast columns would usually all be spliced at the same level but in this case those columns were vertically spliced at staggered floor levels. This staggered arrangement was necessary to provide moment-frame stability to the partially completed structure until the shear walls were installed. With this column-structure design, precast erection was completed in a safe, practical, more timely and economical manner.

The project also has eco-friendly features including high-efficiency LED lighting, daylight sensors, solar panels and a ‘white’ roof, designed to reflect the sun’s energy to reduce the city’s temperature.

The Ajax GO Transit parking garage won for best design of a parking facility with more than 800 spaces at the International Parking Institute’s (IPI) 2014 Awards of Excellence. 

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