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Santa Maria Food Processing Plant

Efficiently & economically build a Food Processing Building, with long spans to hang and cure proscuitto. The process required the product to be hung from a complex monorail & racking system attached to the underside of the roof structure. The deflection had to be kept to a minimum in order not to interfere with the operation of the monorail.

Through the design build process many different layouts were conceived and priced until a final precast structure was chosen in the food processing area. The Precaster, Engineer, Architect and Contractor all worked as a Design / Build Team to develop a feasible and economical structure to suit the changing needs of the monorail system & meet the Food Industry Standards for Hygiene.

The monorail system was supported underneath the precast double tee roof structure. The double tees were manufactured with a 4" deck enabling holes to be drilled anywhere through the deck to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of the monorail & racking system. Through ingenuity the design build team was able to minimize and / or hide the interior bracing. Due to the requirements of a food processing facility and high humidity environment, a high strength very dense concrete was used. A prestressed insulated sandwich wall system was used to enclose & complete the structure.

Precast Insulated Wall Panels - 44,000 SQ.FT.
Double Tees - 60,000 SQ.FT
Beams 2500 - LF
Columns 2300 - LF

Architect: Wes Surdyka Architect Inc.
Engineer: William Leung & Associates
Owner: Santa Maria Foods Corp.
Project Manager: B. Gottardo Construction Ltd.
Precaster: Pre-Con Inc

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