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The Atrium On Queens Quay

To create a sleek clean building with large panoramic windows overlooking beautiful lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands.

The panels had to be designed slender yet strong enough to carry all wind loads and window loads.

Precast was the solution of choice.

The panels were custom made spandrels with vertical cladding and all the necessary louvers and vents.

The slender shapes were reinforced and connected to allow for minimum bowing and bending.

The result is sleek and durable.

One and two bedroom condominium in the beautiful lakeshore area of Toronto.

Wonderful view of the lake from the southern exposure while the northern exposure provides a fantastic view of the city.

The Owner and Architect were completely satisfied at the aesthetical appearance provided by the architectural precast cladding.

Architectural Precast Panels - 41/2" (wide) - 1100 pieces
Vertical Cladding - 28,000 sqft.
Horizontal Spandrels - 34,700 sqft.
Sunshades - 15,850 sqft.

Architect: Walman Clewes Bergman
Engineer: William Leung & Associates
Owner: Sheppard Group
Precaster: Tri-Krete Limited

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