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222 Albert Street : Total Precast Apartment Building
Waterloo, Ontario

222 Albert Street, located in Waterloo, ON, is a 12-storey total precast apartment building consisting of (66) one and two bedroom units ranging from 590 to 1,060 square feet. The target market for occupancy is students and young professionals, so exterior finishes had to be unique and stand out from the surrounding buildings.

The urban look was completed using a precast superstructure with a curtain wall facade. Select precast concrete panels used wood and fluted formliners to provide a textured contrast to the smooth glass and concrete elements. The orientation of the building is positioned to deflect wind away and increase natural sunlight to provide added comfort to the occupants.

Total precast was the optimal solution for this project due to the tight timeline set by the developer, who was targeting the fall influx of student rentals. One entire level (5,100 square feet of precast hollow core floors and 4,000 square feet of precast walls) was erected in only four working days.

The following products were used for the Albert Street Apartment Building:

  • 28,500 square feet of 8” loadbearing precast wall panels
  • 3,000 square feet of 12” loadbearing precast wall panels
  • 27,000 square feet of loadbearing and non-loadbearing insulated precast sandwich panels
  • 59,500 square feet of 8” & 10” hollow core floors
  • 8,500 square feet of precast balconies and solid precast floor slabs
  • 2,250 square feet of precast landings with 51 precast stairs
  • 2330 linear feet of precast columns and precast beams

The exposed panel finishes were completed using Fitzgerald Formliners and BASF paint.

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