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Fundy Geological Museum

The new Fundy Geological Museum was built in Parsboro to house the geological fossil findings of the Bay of Fundy shores.

The use of precast insulated load bearing panels as the exterior and center wall systems made economical and technical sense when choosing the wall cladding. Starting the precast wall panels at the top of the footing, approximately 3'-0" below grade, allowed the architect to maintain continuous insulation in the exterior walls. Three inch thick rigid foam insulation with foamed joints gives the wall design an insulation value of R16.

The ends of the steel joists were set in pockets, precast in the panels, and were welded in conjunction with the steel deck to achieve a structural building system. The erection of the building was completed during the winter without delays. The finish of the panels was exposed Folly Lake aggregates with grey cement.

Architect: F.B.M. Architects
Structural Engineer: Malcolm Pinto Engineering Ltd.
Construction Manager: Meridian Construction Ltd.
Precast Concrete: Strescon Limited

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