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Eglinton Crosstown LRT
Toronto, ON

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is the cornerstone of an $8.4 billion investment. It is a 19km light rail transit (LRT) line that is under construction in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Owned by Metrolinx and operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the line will be part of the Toronto subway system as its fifth route.

Due to the large, local requirement for the production of the segments, the tight delivery schedule and tight quality control requirements, DECAST invested in the construction of a new manufacturing facility immediately after being awarded the project. The project required the manufacture of 88,500 precast segmental tunnel liners (14,750 rings, 1.5m long, 5.75m in diameter composed of five segments plus a keystone). As per the contract, DECAST had to have storage space for 7000 rings (42,000 segments). The total quantity of segments represented over two years of production on a very tight production schedule.

DECAST is the first manufacturer in North America to build a permanent facility and then apply automation and process optimization to the manufacture of precast segmental tunnel liners. In 2012, the 100,000 sq. ft. expansion was completed for automated rebar production, tunnel segments and railway ties. The entire manufacturing process was integrated to ensure the company could meet the accelerated production schedule for the tunnel segments. DECAST handled all aspects of production, from inspection of raw materials to the manufacture and welding of rebar cages, casting of segments, curing, storage and delivery.

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