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The Hampton Inn and Suites

To erect a 10 storey high profile Hampton Inn hotel complex consisting of 1488 precast components in less than three months.

The Hampton Inn and Suites has taken full advantage of precast's optimum benefits by combining both Architectural and Structural precast components.

The need to blend the building with its surroundings was achieved by incorporating brick veneer into the precast panels and incorporating window lintels and sills which received a light sandblasted finish on the grade level elevation.

The tower, consisting of floors two to ten, used exterior precast panels that were produced using white cement with a light sandblasted finish.

The hollow core slabs where installed along with the load bearing precast walls making for a smooth continuous installation.

Coreslab Structures (Ontario) Inc. worked together with their sister company Coreslab Structures (Connecticut) Inc. (located in Thomaston, CT) to provide the client with a single contractor for the complete structure, exterior cladding, interior walls, hollow core precast slabs and stairs. One subcontractor co-ordinated the work, supplied all the precast and erected all of the components.

The precast concrete was erected in 70 days with an eight-man crew: crane operator, oiler, formen, four ironworkers and an on site scheduler who coordinated all site deliveries on the tight downtown building site.

8" Hollow Core Slabs - 1025 units - 8,700 sq m (93,660 sq ft)
Architectural Precast Wall Panels
(Interior and Exterior): 424 units
Precast Stairs: 39 units

Owner/Developer: Omni Development
Architect: Bounds and Gillespie Architects, LLC
Precaster: Coreslab Structures (ON) Inc.
Precaster: Coreslab Structures (Connecticut) Inc.

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