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Chapman Parkade Parking Garage

Innovative use of Self Consolidating Concrete for this precast parking garage

When the city of Kelowna needed to build a fast-track parking garage they turned to precast concrete. Because the parking garage floors would be cast in double tee forms, and time was of the essence, the precaster turned to Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) to speed casting production, with the added benefits of producing low permeable concrete with the highest quality surface finish.

After early trials to determine the optimal mix for the job, the precast manufacturer found a SCC solution represented a huge breakthrough in efficiency. The SCC mix shortened production times by eliminating the need for labor-intensive vibration and manual compaction to distribute the concrete inside the formwork.

"Using SCC was a win-win situation for everyone," said James Sharko, Ledcor Construction, Ltd. "Because the finish of the underside of the double-T was so smooth and consistent, we were able to eliminate the need for painting. That's an environmental and cost benefit. Because there were no bugholes or surface defects, there was no need for time-consuming repair operations and touch ups. The higher quality finish also meant a more durable surface with reduced maintenance costs over the life of the new garage."

The erection of the five story 480 car parking structure started on July 26, 2002 and was completed September 3, 2002. The distinctive exterior precast spandrels contrasted nicely with the brick detailing added in the field. The scale of the parking garage was broken up with different exterior elements including the combination of precast concrete panels, brick accents and the use of glass in the ground floor retail stores and the stair tower.

Owner: City of Kelowna
Architect: PBK Architects, Vancouver
Consulting Engineer: Cochrane Engineering
General Contractor: Ledcor Construction
Concrete Admixtures: Grace Construction Materials
Precast Concrete Supplier: Con-Force Structures Ltd

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