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Village Shul and Learning Centre

The Village Shul is an orthodox synagogue (there is separate seating for men and women in the sanctuary) that prides itself on being a comfortable environment for Jews of all denominations.

This was not a simple precast project as you can see by the photographs. Each precast panel had its own unique and specific design. The challenge the precaster faced was to create very elaborate window and column units and at the same time maintain a limestone facade. The architect and owner were very specific concerning finish and details.

Throughout design meetings a cast-in-place concrete structure was decided upon. Collaboration between the owners, architects and trades helped come up with a unique design. Access was tight and all parties knew this was going to be an issue, but with the participation of the trades, the precast contractor was able to deliver the precast and erect without hitches or disruptions to the busy traffic flow and prestigious surrounding community.

The Village Shul and Learning Centre had to be large enough to house its purpose but more importantly it had to maintain a high stature of appearance, both aspects were insisted upon because of its location and affluent surroundings.

Architectural Precast Spandrels - 220 pieces
Architectural Precast Columns - 25 pieces
Architectural Precast Cournices - 56 pieces
Total Precast Area - 31,400 sq. ft.

Architect: Page + Steele Inc.
Owner: Goldome Management
Project Manager: Veisman Consulting
Precaster: Global Precast Inc.
Precast Erector: JND Erectors

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