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Dartmouth Chrysler

High performance buildings are designed for functional and human comfort, while also satisfying environmental and economic considerations. They incorporate the highest level of design, construction, operation and maintenance principles to provide maximum performance for the owner’s long-term requirements. All the components of the building should be addressed in a cohesive, whole building approach, taking into account cost effectiveness— particularly life-cycle costs, sustainability, security and safety, accessibility, productivity of occupants, functionality and serviceability, and aesthetics.


Whether derived from reduced energy and operating costs, lower maintenance costs, improved functionality or productivity, or continued operational capability after a catastrophic event, a high performance building offers its owners a greater return on investment than a conventional building. High performance insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels can provide significant contributions toward these goals.


Insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels are composed of two wythes of concrete separated by a continuous (edge-to-edge) wythe of insulation. Panels can be designed as the bearing walls, supporting gravity loads as well as resisting wind, seismic, and blast loads, or they can be designed as architectural panels that transmit wind, seismic, and blast loads to the structural frame and foundation. In either design approach, insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels provide a versatile and economical means to meet the structural, thermal, moisture, and architectural requirements of a structure.

Multi Function Precast Concrete Wall Panels
Architectural insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels accent this Chrysler dealership located at one of Dartmouth’s busiest intersections. The wall system has multiple uses; first as the hardwall on the inside face of the shop area making it easy to clean and maintain; secondly the architectural sandblasted exterior finish is rugged and durable, to withstand the scrapes and bumps of yard vehicle traffic – a feature that can’t be found in other cladding systems such as wood, EIFS, steel, vinyl or aluminum.


The precast concrete panels were also designed to extend above the roof structure and act as a guard rail for the roof top parking of cars, allowing them to be seen from the highway. The panels were insulated with a solid core of rigid insulation providing a superior heated interior workspace that can’t be found with conventional cast in place concrete. The insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels act as a “thermal storage unit”, retaining heat when the shop doors are open - saving on heating, especially in this harsh winter climate.

PROJECT: Daimler Chrysler - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
ARCHITECT: WHW Group - Halifax, Nova Scotia
ENGINEER: Brandys McBride Richardson Engineering Ltd. - Halifax, Nova Scotia
CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: Meridian Construction Inc. - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
PRECAST FABRICATOR: Strescon Limited - Bedford, Nova Scotia

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