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Canwest Global Park

In spring of 1999, a baseball stadium was constructed in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. It was to be the new home for the Winnipeg Goldeyes of the Northern League. With it's beautiful, nostalgic aesthetics, and prime location, the stadium vaulted the Goldeyes' popularity.

Both the stadium and the franchise became one of the crown jewels of minor league baseball in North America. As a result, the stadium owners expanded the seating and added a number of private boxes in 2000.

As the franchise's rising popularity continued, it was decided that yet another expansion was required in 2003. More seating, private boxes, and also retail space was to be added.

Precast played a vital role in the success of both the original and subsequent expansions. All of the bleacher seating was precast, as well as hollow core flooring, steps, columns and raker beams.

For the phase 3 expansion, however, precast was the prime focal point for the project's success. There was a very short time frame from the start of construction to the start of the 2003 season. The building designers recognized precast's ability to fast track construction schedules. Precast concrete can be manufactured while site preparation is progressing and can be quickly erected when needed. As a result, the precast supplier was summoned to lead the way in ensuring the timely completion of the project.

The precast supplier's engineers, plant production, transportation and erection team worked diligently and used their expertise and experience to expedite the precast work, at the same time, ensuring the high quality standards expected of the precast industry were met or exceeded.

The project was successfully completed on time for the start of the 2003 season. Precast played an integral part in that success.

Precast components for the entire project:
Hollow Core: 8,370 m2 (90,100 sq.ft)/ 1,047 pieces
Bleacher Seating: 5,853 m2 (63,000 sq. ft)/ 586 pieces
Structural Slabs: 392 m2 (4,219 sq. ft)/67 pieces
Reinforced Steps: 461 pieces
Raker Beams: 48 pieces
Columns: 4 pieces

Owner: Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club
Structural Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.
Architect/Engineer: Number 10 Architectural Group
Contractor: Pre-Con Builders
Precast Supplier: Lafarge Canada Inc. - Winnipeg Precast Division

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