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Long Span Parking Garage

This project is a good example of a durable precast concrete parking structures that will require minimal upkeep. This 208,000 sq. ft., seven story suspended garage, services the downtown business core by providing retail stores and 708 parking stalls within the structure.

This parking structures features long-span construction - a technique recognized as providing greater safety and convenience for both people and cars.

A busy shopping mall was included on the ground floor including retail storefronts at the exterior. Double tees above the stores were cast with 4 in flanges that were covered with a waterproof membrane and a concrete wearing surface. The balance of the garage used 9 ft wide double tees (2 in flange) with 3 in composite concrete topping poured at the jobsite.

Lateral loads are resisted by exterior shear walls and walls at the stair towers. These walls were joined together vertically using splice sleeve rebar connectors.
The garage also supports two pedestrian bridges that join to a hotel and an adjacent commercial building.

Access to the construction site was hindered by existing buildings on three sides of the garage. Utilizing a narrow alleyway the parking garage was erected from the inside out. Precast components were installed directly from the delivering trucks. The entire garage structure was erected between mid-November and the end of February. Traffic interruption was minimized.

The flexibility of the precast design permitted retail on the ground floor. A brick faced architectural detail was incorporated on the exterior spandrels, providing an attractive and appealing look to the finished parking structure. The type of brick used was selected by the owner. Half bricks were placed in a form liner within the precast spandrel forms. The poured concrete backing holds the brick in place. This process speeds the construction process as no masons are required on site.

Precast construction can incorporate a wide range of shapes and finishes on a parking garage's façade. Special finishes using custom colors, aggregates or surface treatments can be developed to match or compliment adjacent buildings.

366 Double Tees 205,908 sq. ft.
45 Beams 1,061 LF
51 Columns 2,013 LF
161 Spandrels 4,580 LF
43 Column Walls 13,826 Sq. ft.
31 Shear Walls 5,046 Sq. ft.

Architect: Fitchbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
Engineer: Carl Walker Inc.
Owner: City of East Lansing
Construction Manager: The Christman Company
Precast Concrete: Pre-Con Inc.

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