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Precaster Accepts Fast-track Challenge

The Winnipeg International Airport (WIA) needed additional parking capacity in a hurry, in time for the 1999 Pan-Am games. This was accomplished by having the precaster provide the entire structure complete with trades, foundations and the structural design.

A contract was issued for the design and construction of this 230 car parking structure on April 19th and cars were parking on the new precast deck on July 20th - designed and constructed in only 3 months, well in time to receive the visitors to the Winnipeg Pan-Am games.

The structure incorporated 12 foot wide pretopped double tees, providing better durability and reduced construction time. The distinctive exterior precast spandrels, which combined sandblasted and exposed aggregate finishes and inlayed tiles, were designed by the architect, in collaboration with the precaster, to simulate a runway approach.

By providing total design and construction, the precaster satisfied WIA's need for rapid construction and provided them with a long lasting, low maintenance parkade.

Client: Winnipeg International Airport Authority
Client's Engineering Rep: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Architect: Cohlmeyer Associates Architects Ltd.
Precast Contractor: Con-Force Structures Ltd.

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