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Villas of Normandy Condominiums

Winter was soon approaching and the structure needed to be enclosed to ensure that the weather did not affect the progress of the entire project. The new tenants of the villa were anxious to occupy their units, making it necessary to complete the building as fast as possible.

Precast, prestressed concrete products were chosen over conventional masonry based on competitive pricing and precast's ability to meet the strenuous time schedule. Only by using a precast solution could this six-storey building's structure be completely installed and turned over to the client in less than six weeks.

The required precast components were made at the precast plant immediately after the approval of the shop drawings and before the site could have been ready for conventional masonry construction. The precaster was able to mobilize their equipment and completely control the superstructure installation once the site was ready. This ability to manage the entire installation process reduced the need to coordinate multiple trades typically used on high rise residential buildings. The structure was finished quickly, making it possible for the succeeding trades to continue working over the winter months in an enclosed, heated building. The entire structure was built using precast, prestressed concrete hollow core slabs, balcony slabs, precast load bearing walls, stairs and landings.

The ability to produce the precast, prestressed products off site and the fast installation process allowed the superstructure of this building to be completed prior to the harsh winter months by a single supplier. The precast construction provided a precise schedule, allowing subsequent trades to work without experiencing any weather delays. The faster construction schedule resulted in a better return on investment for the owner and an earlier move in date for the tenants.

"The design for the Villas at Normandy began at the end of 2001 with a concept for the 6 storey 47 unit residential condominium building clearly established from the start. Amicone Design Build Inc. had become experts on this building type having recently completed another development with our firm, MMA Architect Inc., in LaSalle. Efficiently designed by Haddad Morgan and Associates Structural Engineers, the Villas was originally a concrete block and hollow core slab structure. Midway through the construction drawing stage, the developer Amicone, with PSI assistance, further streamlined the building to a simplified structural system of precast concrete walls, as well as floors. This final system designed, produced, and managed by PSI reduced the construction schedule substantially. The completed building, clad with brick and EIFS, has become a well recognized image on the emerging LaSalle skyline." Stuart Miller, B. Arch. OAA, MMA Architects Inc.

 - 254 mm (10 in) Hollow core slabs / 902 sq.m
 - 200 mm (8 in) Precast walls / 674 sq.m
 - 300 mm (12 in) Structural precast solid slabs / 26 sq.m.
 - Precast balcony slabs / 74 sq.m.
 - Precast stairs & landings / 31 sq.m

Precaster: Prestressed Systems Inc.
Engineer: Haddad, Morgan and Assoc.
Contractor: Amicone Design Build Inc.
Architect: MMA Architects Inc.

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