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Sportsplex at York University

The owners needed a durable, maintenance free cladding compatible with a pre-engineered building that was to be erected during the winter months. The precast manufacturer was required to supply and install insulated wall panels to enclose a school sports complex, including an arena with insulation values meeting the consultants' ASHRAE requirement. The R-Value of the panels supplied was 12.58.

The architect, due to the height to the building and the overall length of the elevation, incorporated aesthetics details through the use of horizontal and locally featured bands. Precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels were chosen because of their economy, insulation value and ease of erection in the winter months. Precast concrete offered the architect creative freedom to make an architectural statement. The aesthetics details were very cost-effective and easily incorporated into the insulated panels.

Manufactured in the precasters' modern production facility, the panels were ready to erect in record time during winter weather conditions. The results were faster completion, easier job-site coordination and lower costs.

Precast concrete insulated sandwich wall panels feature efficient assembly, inherent strength and maintenance free reliability. These factors make insulated precast panels the ideal construction material for a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial applications.

Precast (Flexwall) Insulated Wall Panels: 4530 sq m (48,767 sq ft)
Number of Panels: 451
Architect: Wes Lim Architect
Owner: Lauridon Sports Management
Project Manager: PCL Design Constructors Inc.
Precaster: Pre-Con Inc.

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