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Platinum Condos
Hamilton, Ontario
The Platinum Condos is a twenty-four-storey building located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Ontario. It is conveniently located close to shops, restaurants and all of the entertainment Hamilton offers. A total precast concrete system was used for the top twenty floors of the condo building, while the bottom four storeys were cast-in-place.
Precast concrete was selected for the Platinum condos for its speed of construction, consistency and superior quality. The project location had minimal access therefore prefabrication was an obvious and intelligent solution to meet these challenges and to ensure a quick installation and limit trades on the construction site, which in turn, helps to minimize site congestion and associated safety risks.
With an average install duration of eight days per floor, the crews could progress quickly and efficiently. The precast concrete construction started in October 2020, and it was completed in July 2021.
Careful consideration was taken when exploring options for the structural layout to support large balconies and accommodate all of the features around the building. These considerations included proper support of the balconies, the crane’s ability to install precast concrete components and how the structure was carried down into the cast-in-place structure. The team worked closely to find solutions to meet all project requirements and deliver a durable, safe and beautiful structure in downtown Hamilton.
Because precast concrete components are fabricated in manufacturing plants under controlled conditions, the superior quality of products can be ensured. Field adjustments are also reduced, creating a smooth erection process with minimal surprises.
Precast concrete's speed through design, fabrication and erection helps meet tight deadlines. This mainly aids contractors when permitting processes to slow down or unforeseen delays arise at the site. Precast concrete structural systems are ready to be erected when the foundations are prepared.
Precast Concrete Products Used: 
  • 56 square meters (600 square feet) of solid and insulated precast wall panels 
  • 5,612 square metres (60,400 square feet) of hollowcore floor slabs 
  • 483 square metres (600 square feet) of solid balcony slabs 
  • 97 metres (1,040 linear feet) of precast columns and precast beams 
  • 12 sets of precast stairs and landings

Photos courtesy of Stubbe's Precast

Coletera Development
Kozlowski Architect
MTE Consultants
Precast Supplier:
Stubbe's Precast
General Contractor:
Coletera Development
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