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Lowe's Distribution Centre
Milton, Ontario

Armtec Brampton Precast Concrete Solutions supplied the precast wall panels for a 58,000m2 custom built Distribution Centre for Lowe’s companies of Canada. The surrounding escarpment inspired James Hettinger of jh.architecture to incorporate a sweeping wave pattern motif into the exterior panels of the warehouse.

Armtec Brampton Precast worked closely with jh.architecture, from concept to completion, as the precast panels required a higher insulating value and a unique aesthetic.  Collaboration in the early stages, utilizing building information modelling (BIM) technology, allowed the architect to create working plans that could be shared with Brampton’s engineering & drafting depts.

As a result, Armtec Precast designed a visually striking façade by customizing a rib layout modifying their standard Flexwall product. Flexwall is a complete wall system that does not require interior finishing. Although the precast panels are line manufactured they can be custom designed for each unique project. 

Armtec Brampton supplied 463 Pieces of Flexwall (11,000m2). To economize on production costs, the design team incorporated a modular wave pattern that continuously wrapped around 3 elevations of the warehouse portion. Using a repetitive pattern reduced production costs.  

Manufacturing the panels involved coordinating all individual unit drawings ensuring rib pattern wave continuity between adjoining wall panels. Flexwall was the ideal material, providing a cost effective solution for aesthetics, durability and provisions for future expansions.

The future proposed Phase II will add another 26,000m2. Once complete the facility will be 650m long on 7.7 hectares.

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Armtec – Brampton Precast Concrete Solutions
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