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Shellard Lane Elementary School

The Shellard Lane Elementary School is a two-storey school building. All the structural components except for the roof were prefabricated in a precast plant and delivered to the jobsite.

Precast was selected for speed and ease of construction.

Precast Concrete Insulated Sandwich Walls
Insulated wall panels were used to help maintain consistent temperatures in all seasons, to reduce utility costs.

An average of fifteen wall panels was erected each day. Hollow core slabs were installed to provide the second floor.
Erection of the complete structure was completed in four weeks.

Wall-to-wall connections were hidden above the suspended ceilings to present a clean look in the building.

305 mm (12 in) hollow core slabs - 2048 sq m (22,027 sq ft)
190 – 250 mm (10 in) load-bearing insulated walls -1020 sq m (10,982 sq ft)
124 – 200 mm (8 in) solid walls - 2880 sq m (31,010 sq ft)
The solid wall panels are 10.8 m long, 3.92 m wide, and weigh 39,850 lbs

Owner: Grand Erie District School Board
Architect: The Ventin Group Ltd.
Engineer: Truax Engineering Ltd.
General Contractor: Bestco Construction
Precast Contractor: Prestressed Systems Inc.

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