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River Rock Casino Resort Parkade

This parkade was needed for the Grand Opening of the Casino. The owner's original date (before encountering foundation delays) was May 18, 2004. The actual opening was June 24, 2004.

Con-Force Structures was awarded the project on September 24, 2003. Plant production of floor and roof double tees started on November 10, 2003. Erection started on April 16, 2004 and was completed on May 29, 2004, just 34 days later (and 1 day ahead of the owners schedule). Most of the erection was done with a 220 tonne hydraulic crane.

This is the first precast concrete parkade to be built in the lower mainland in about 10 years and features the use of 12 ft (3.66 m) wide double tee slabs (never before used in BC). The typical span is 60'-0'' (18.3 m) on a cross grid of 24 ft (7.32 m). A 36 ft (10.98 m) module is preferable, but was ruled out because of poor soil conditions. Drive aisle beams span 41'-1'' (12.5 m) without increasing structural depth to maintain the floor to ceiling clearance.

A heavily reinforced 3 inch concrete topping field was poured over the double tees. This topping transfers seismic and wind loads to a series of cast in place shearwalls. To facilitate the general contractor, no corbels were cast onto the walls. Instead, large reinforced plate weldments were used to attach the precast members. A precast open bearing wall known as a "vista wall" was used in the ramp area to support the double tees and accommodate the various bearing elevations of the double tee legs on either side of the wall.

The exterior of the parkade structure is ringed by a series of precast concrete spandrel beams (both load bearing and non-load bearing) that are supported by 3 storey precast columns and exterior shear walls. False joints are cast into the exterior spandrel panels and walls as a design feature.

Project Scope
Height: 3 Stories
Area: 275,000 sq ft (25,500 m2)
Parking Stalls: 1130 cars
Double Tees: 400 pieces
Double Tees: 23,000 linear ft (7,010 m)

Owner: Great Canadian Casino Inc.
Precaster: Con-Force Structures Ltd.
Engineer: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
Architect: Randy Knill Architect Limited
General Contractor: Coulter Developments

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