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Central City

Central City is poised to become the focal point of high technology, shopping and community living in British Columbia. Building in the area of the existing Surrey Place Mall, Central City incorporates over a million square feet of new space for the Technical University of British Columbia, high-tech and knowledge-based businesses and a revitalized retail mall.

The expanded retail area required 2 levels of 305 mm x 1220 mm hollow core slabs with a cantilevered walkway section on the inside of the structure. The hollow core was placed on the steel structure by tower crane.

The whole structure was constructed over an existing mall. Some cruciform sections were constructed that went trough the existing mall. The gallery section is a steel structure hanging from the cruciform sections.

Hollow core slabs saved time and money. The precast eliminated expensive onsite formwork. Prestressed hollow core provided a shallow construction depth and minimized the height of the building.

The hollow core was spaced 300 mm (1 foot) apart as shown on the attached drawing. Hollow core: 305 x 1220 mm (12 in x 4'-0"), Area = 7408 m2

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Architect: Bing Tom Architects
Engineer: Jones Kwong Kishi Consulting Engineers
Contractor: PCL
Precast: Con-Force Structures

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