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Downtown Multi-Use Parking Facility

The building site presented a number of major challenges. The structure had to be open and user friendly, operate as a parking garage and also be recognizable as a civic building. Minimal material storage was available because the structure occupied most of the site. Careful consideration had to be made for access, dust control, noise and the impact on surrounding busy streets.

This 360 car, 6 storey garage and 1,000 sq m office was built using high performance precast concrete that was designed to increase the long term durability of the structure and to endure the corrosive elements of road salt. The civic offices were incorporated as part of the precast garage structure.

This multi-use project won the 2004 Ontario Concrete Award for Material Development and Innovation. The high performance precast concrete enabled the design team to meet the challenges head on. The coloured exposed aggregate exterior finishes complimented the surrounding stucco & concrete buildings and accelerated the construction schedule with minimal site impact.

267 Double Tees - 11,550 sq m
29 Beams - 195 m
103 Spandrels - 1,060 m
35 Columns - 390 m
21 Column Walls - 580 sq m
3 Shear Walls - 370 sq m

Owner: The Corporation of The City of Burlington
Architect: Stark Ireland Architects Inc.
Precaster: Pre-Con Inc.
Strucural Engineer: Brenik Engineering
Project Manager: Dineen Construction Corporation

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