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One Balmoral

One Balmoral Condominiums is a prestige residential address conceived to mimic centuries-old European architecture. The strong relief of the ground floor commercial space fronting Yonge Street supports the flat building face above that is punctuated with windows, window surrounds and French balconies, curving slightly out from the window behind. While the look is ancient, everything about the building envelope is up-to-date with two-stage joints in the precast walls, insulation and an air/vapour barrier that will keep the occupants warm, dry and comfortable winter, summer and in-between.

Architectural precast concrete was able to provide a centuries-old look and feel. The work was accomplished without building artisans (no longer available) to maintain a fast construction schedule. Custom architectural details were obtained by pouring coloured concrete into intricate molds.

The precast concrete for the commercial lower floors and the residential suites above were differentiated by a very subtle colour difference through the use of complimentary pigment colours in the precast. The architectural precast concrete in One Balmoral will stand the rigors of time - as have the old stone materials that have mentored this design.

Developer: Diamante Development Corporation
Architect: Rafael + Biauskas Architects Inc.
Engineer: Kazmar Associates Limited
Precast Contractor: RES Precast Inc.

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