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30 Park Place in Manhattan
New York, NY

30 Park Place, also known as Four Seasons Private Residences New York Downtown was developed by visionary Silverstein Properties and masterfully designed by Robert A.M. Stern. The 30 Park Place residences offer a new paradigm in luxurious downtown living and achieve the most welcome and gracious flow. Soaring ceilings, multiple exposures, and warm details add to the character of these beautifully designed homes.

With 82 floors and 157 luxury residences, 30 Park Place is the tallest residential tower to grace the downtown landscape of New York City, offering spectacular 360-degree views of the city – North toward the Midtown skyline, East toward the East River, South to the New York Harbor, and West to the Hudson River.

BPDL was the precast concrete supplier for this impressive project. BPDL created 1,400 shop drawings for 2018 precast panels – this means a lot of unique panels with barely any repetition.  Because of the intricacies, complexity and size of the project, the company presented over 250 presentation drawings for the project and exchanged over 10,000 emails with the Project Manager. 30 Park Place is now the highest precast concrete cladded building in the world. 

The project has a concrete design mix façade with white concrete and pigments; lightly sandblasted – sand color.  A few challenges were encountered:

  • Almost no repetition, a lot of variation of the false-joints
  • Installation rate of 6-7 panels/day. The BPDL team worked on almost every possible shift to complete the installation.
  • Transportation regulations were very challenging since all of BPDL’s loads were oversized. They had to work with shunting (2 different yards)
  • For the few precast panels on top of the building, BPDL designed and fabricated special crates in order for the pieces to be manipulated and lifted by crane individually to the top of the building. This technique proved to be a lot more efficient.
  • The precaster had to send embeds to the general contractor quickly to ensure speed of construction and to ensure one floor was completed every two days.

The 23rd and 24th floor are concrete shear walls, which means that almost all the floor perimeter is made of concrete.  The connections for the panels were done through manholes strategically positioned considering armature and interconnections.  Those two floors contained the heaviest panels of the whole project, weighing at roughly 28 868 lbs. There was almost no welding for this project as all connections were bolted. All panels have false-joints on the façade, and there is practically no repetition. 

The result of this hard word and ingenuity: a beautiful, resilient and unique structure that stands in downtown New York City and provides magnificent views of the cityscape. 

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