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Quinn Pumps Canada Plant Expansion
Red Deer, Alberta

The Quinn Pumps Canada Plant Expansion project involved construction of an underground concrete containment structure for a plant expansion project. The structure provided secondary containment for 3 large tanks that contained chemicals used in the chrome plating process.

The structure was located within the building footprint and required an excavation about 10 meters below the final floor elevation. The water table was near the surface and the excavation required significant dewatering. The construction needed to be completed and backfill completed prior to piling commencing for the main building expansion.

As schedule was critical, Camdon contacted Armtec in hopes that precast concrete would provide a faster solution than site cast concrete. Several options were evaluated and a system of precast concrete rectangular rings was chosen as the preferred method of constructing the watertight structure.

Camdon facilitated a "fast-track" approval process for the project. Initial face to face meetings were held with Camdon and the Owner to finalize the functional requirements. After Armtec performed more detailed Engineering, more meetings were held with Camdon and their consultants to discuss structural and waterproofing details. Agreements at these meeting allowed the fabrication of custom formwork and allowed production to commence shortly thereafter.

'Production of the seven rings was completed at Armtec's plant within 2 weeks and the precast elements were set in place and connected in one day on site.'

The project is an outstanding example of how a challenging high quality project can be "fast-tracked" if all parties are firmly committed to the process.

Precast prestressed concrete components provide innovative technologies and the ingredients needed to enhance the key objectives of durability, speed of erection, low maintenance and safety.

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