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Multi-Family Homes

Housing is for people, and their comfort and security come first. Owners need to keep units affordable. Precast prestressed concrete provides a most comprehensive solution to the complex problem of designing and building better housing, economically. Tenants like the quiet, privacy and fire resistance that high-density precast concrete provides. Long-span prestressed floor and roof elements mean more flexible interior layouts.

Of all the benefits that precast prestressed concrete offers to developers, the speed at which it is erected is the most dramatic. Precast members are factory cast to precise specifications as site preparation proceeds. Members can be erected quickly despite cold or inclement weather and site access limitations. Attractive surfaces accomplished in the casting can reduce the time needed for surface treatments on site. The result is a building ready for occupancy in an amazingly short time with no compromise in quality.

This rapid construction gives important savings to the developer. Fast erection minimizes on-site labour costs and reduces the cost of interim financing. And the sooner a building is ready for occupancy, the sooner it generates revenue.

The expense of multi-family housing extends far beyond initial costs to the expense of maintaining the structure throughout the building's life. Insulated precast exterior walls will provide a durable, energy efficient building envelope. Contact your local CPCI members for more information.

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