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CPCI Design Manual 5th Edition - Available Now

To facilitate and encourage continuous learning and education of precast concrete, CPCI is pleased to offer the CPCI Design Manual Precast Prestressed Concrete 5th Edition.

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Addenda and Errata

5-01 - Errata to Pages 7-35 and 7.37
5-02 - Errata to Page 7-35


New - Just Released

Architectural Precast Concrete Walls: Best Practice Guide

The purpose of this Best Practice Guide is to summarize the most current information and best practices in architectural precast concrete wall construction and to provide designers with an understanding of this construction system by illustrating recommended design details and site practices.

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New NRC - Measurement of the vibration reduction index between concrete masonry walls and precast hollow core floors

New THERMAL GUIDE - Meeting and Exceeding Building Code Thermal Performance Requirements by RDH Building Science



Design Manuals 5th Edition - Details - Order Offline

(Printed Versions of the CPCI Design Manual 5th Edition will be available in late November 2017)

CPCI Certification

CPCI Certification Program Brochure
Why Specify CPCI Certification

CPCI Technical Papers and Reports

Hollow Core Concrete Floors with Concrete Walls with Rigid Junctions

Effect of Accelerated Curing Conditions on the Performance of Precast Concrete - NRC Report
Effects of Different Accelerated and Moist Curing Periods on Chloride Penetration Resistance of Precast Concrete Elements - Hooton

CPCI Technical Publications

New CPCI Thermal Energy Guide for Precast Guide
New Guidelines for Accelerated Bridge Construction using Precast Prestressed Concrete Elements
Architectural Precast Concrete Repair Guide
CPCI Maintenance and Inspection Manual for Precast Concrete Building Enclosures Infrastructure Solutions Technical Guide
Curing of High Performance Precast Concrete- Technical Bulletin
High Performing Precast Concrete Building Enclosures - Rain Control
Insulated Wall Panel Technical Guide
Architectural Precast Concrete Technical Guide
Structural Floor And Roof Technical Guide
Structural Solutions Technical Guide
Colour and Texture Selection Guide


New Mini - EPD - Architectural and Insulated Wall Panels
New Mini -EPD - Structural Precast Concrete Products
New Mini -EPD - Underground Precast Concrete Products
EPD - Architectural and Insulated Wall Panels
EPD - Structural Precast Concrete Products
EPD - Underground Precast Concrete Products
CSCE - LCA for Sustainable Design of Precast Concrete Commercial Buildings in Canada
Infrastructure for Life Publication
Product Category Rules for Preparing an EPD for Precast Concrete
Life Cycle Assessment of Precast Concrete Commercial Buildings
LCA Product Transparency
North American Precast Concrete Sustainable Plant Program
Precast and Sustainability



CPCI Past Conferences

Buildings Show Architectural Precast Concrete presented by Nawkaw and Facade Systems B.Fedchyshyn December 2016

Buildings Show: Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and the new LEED 4.0 presented by Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, L.Bushi, December, 2016

Buildings Show: Modern Building Enclosures-Luckachko December 1, 2016

Hodder Avenue Underpass: Innovative Use of Ultra High Performance Concrete for Rapid Bridge ConstructionCSC 2016 Conference

CSG Group Conference: Clark Weber presentation: Overview of the Precast Industry in Canada

CSCE 2016 Conference and Trade Show
Presentation by RDH Building Science Laboratories on Increasing the Durability and Resilience of Tall Buildings with Precast Concrete Enclosure Systems - Presented at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Annual Conference in London, Ontario, June 1-4, 2016
CaGBC 2016 National Conference and Expo
RAIC 2016 Festival of Architecture


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