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Single Family Homes

Precast concrete is a very versatile substitution to wood construction; it can be used in the construction of ranch style homes, multi-level homes, small office buildings, or even a low-rise apartment building.

The exterior of the panels can be finished in a variety of ways, from smooth to the appearance of siding or brick. In addition to the finish, the outside of the panels can be stained or painted to almost any color the customer requests, this eliminates work to be done on site, which in turn this saves time and money. Panels can also be delivered with the studs already in place, so all that is left is to run the utilities and finish the interior of the wall.

Since precast components are not new, manufacturing processes, erection techniques, design background, behavior history and safety are well established. Precast concrete offers durability, fire resistance, inherent sound control, speed and ease of construction, competitive initial cost and minimal maintenance.

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