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Special Thanks on Behalf of CPCI and Our Members Across Canada 

To all of the COVID-19 first responders, paramedics, fire, police, nurses, doctors and all medical staff, and everyone working in essential services who are on the front lines daily risking their own health and safety, WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIRELESS EFFORTS AND SACRIFICE. 


CPCI Engagement
CPCI remains committed to helping our members, the industry and the Canadian Public. CPCI and our members across Canada want to applaud all municipal, provincial and federal governments for demonstrating solid leadership during this unprecedented health and economic crisis. The precast concrete industry is committed to assisting the governments and the Canadian Public in any way possible to ensure that our workers and residents are safe, our businesses return to profitability, and the Canadian economy recovers quickly.
Today we want to reassure you that the health and safety of our employees and Canadians they encounter during the COVID-19 crisis is top of mind. CPCI members operate plant-based controlled manufacturing facilities, and we can’t over-emphasize our commitment to ensuring that all our employees are safe at work and return home safely at night to their families. To this end, we are participating with our cement and concrete allies on a cement/concrete industry health and safety working group industry across Canada to align our health and safety procedures.  We want to take the opportunity to highlight initiatives that we are taking immediately. While we have always made the health and safety of our employees a priority, we are enhancing those measures so that they align with the most up to date COVID-19 related best practices as recommended by public health.
Please see the (COVID-19 Best Practice Health and Safety Guidelines for Employees in the Cement and Concrete Industry). This allied industry comprehensive publication is being distributed across all the companies in our sector, and provides detailed guidance for the operators of trucks, vehicles, heavy and mobile equipment, product installers and cement and concrete producers/manufacturing facilities. We are disseminating this information widely across Canada, to labour and trade groups, as well as to the construction industry we serve. We will be working closely with our members, partners and our affiliates to ensure we are all collaborating in the interest of the health and safety of their members, our valued employees and their families.
Again, we thank our Canadian Government for their leadership and all help from Canadians during this extremely difficult time in Canada’s history
Download the COVID-19 Best Practice Health and Safety Guidelines for Employees in the Cement and Concrete Industry:
Best practice guide:
CPCI Letters to Provincial Premiers
CPCI has authored letters to all Provincial Premiers, publicising that we feel that the cement and concrete sector are the backbone of infrastructure in Canada and a critical and essential element in Canada’s economic recovery. View the letters below: 
COVID-19-Related Webinars 
Our affiliate, NPCA, has offered two free webinars for the precast concrete industry with best practices for navigating your business through the COVID-19 era.
Canada Self-Assessment Tool and App
Canada COVID-19 Support App/ Application de support COVID-19 du Canada
The app will let you receive the latest updates, trusted resources, and self-assess your symptoms.
COVID-19 National and Provincial Updates and Resources 

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