Low maintenance, competitive price, and aesthetic appearance of precast concrete poles make them superior to steel or wood for use in utility, sports lighting, communication and area lighting applications. The ease and speed of installation means faster project completion and lower installed costs. Also the use of concrete poles preserves our forests, requires no chemical treatment, and utilizes environmentally safe materials in production and placement. Some other benefits are corrosion resistance, long service life - in excess of 50 years, cost effective - both installed and service life.

Because of the minimal vibration and deflection, precast concrete poles offer greater service life to ballast for lights, microwave and communication equipment. This in turn means less down time and less costly equipment repairs.

Precast concrete poles can save erection time and money by eliminating the need for anchor base structures which may take days or weeks to install. A precast concrete pole, under most conditions can be set in hours (drill a hole, place the pole, backfill with crushed aggregate, concrete or the original soil, then finish off with concrete or sod). This process eliminates unsightly base plate, studs or nuts that are normally used with steel poles.

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