Municipal Buildings

Montréal South Shore Waste Water Treatment Plant
Longueuil, Québec

As the winner of the 1992 Prestressed Concrete Institute, Industrial Facility Award, the Montreal South Shore Waste Water Treatment Plant is an outstanding example of the utilization of structural and architectural precast prestressed concrete in the hands of inspired professionals.

"Concrete was selected as the exterior cladding material because of its inherent capacity for producing fluid, organic forms essential to our architectural concept of integrating the building to its natural environment," explains Paul Boudreau, architect. "The concept of a high quality building set in an upgraded natural environment overcame the strong apprehensions that nearly made this project the victim of the 'not in my back yard' syndrome.

"A cost analysis study proved architectural precast sandwich panels have a definite economic edge over the other systems considered."

"This waste water treatment plant is proof that industrial buildings need not be eyesores, if they are well planned, designed and integrated to their natural setting."

Owner/Propriétaire: Société québécoise d'assainissement des eaux
Architect/Architect: Boudrias, Boudreau, St-Jean, Architectes
Engineers/Ingénieur: Consad Inc.
Contractor/Entrepreneur: Construction Montclair Canada Inc.

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