Mixed Use - Retail

Retail stores have specialized needs that can be achieved ideally with precast concrete. Precast panels can make a bold statement or help a business to fit tastefully into a mall or a neighbourhood setting. Precast sandwich panels offer the advantages of energy efficiency, fast installation and design capabilities.

Architectural precast concrete and precast sandwich panels can meet the functional and aesthetic needs for a variety of single and multi-storey retail buildings. Precast offers fast erection in all weather conditions, allowing a building shell to be quickly enclosed any time of year.

Precast has the design flexibility of shape, colour and size in virtually any finish or texture. Designs can range from historical to contemporary and project a strong distinctive image. Precast can accommodate future expansion. Panels can be relocated and new panels can be fabricated to match or complement existing installations.

Precast is manufactured under rigorous quality controlled conditions at CPCI member precast plants. Precast is durable, requires little maintenance and is resistant to wear and minor impact damage. Contact your local CPCI members to discuss your next project.

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