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AMC 30-Plex Theatre

The Challenge
The preliminary design looked at a steel frame and steel joist, metal deck solution for the AMC Theatre. The design was subsequently modified to a precast frame employing a wide variety of precast components.

The Triumph
Early input into the architect’s design led to the selection of a clear span demising wall, instead of the originally proposed stud wall. The precast walls incorporated a special shear connector that prevented sounds from being transmitted between adjacent theatres.

The feasibility of utilizing precast at the roof elevation was not realized. The precast contractor included, under its scope of work, the design, supply and installation of the roof joists and metal deck for the structure. This enabled the precaster to provide the entire shell of the theatre. This unique situation eliminated potential coordination conflicts that could have arisen by having multiple sub-trades on site simultaneously

By utilizing precast components made under controlled plant conditions, this project was able to be constructed during harsh winter months, to a schedule that could not have been achieved using the originally designed materials.

The Project
The seats are now full at the AMC 30-Plex Theatre. With the project team spanning Michigan, Missouri and Windsor, Ontario, coordination and early planning were imperative and lead to the success of this design/build project. The precast company was responsible for all aspects of the building frame including all precast and steel components.

Architect: Gould Evans Goodman Associates, Missouri
Engineer: Martin Harper & Associates Inc., Missouri
Owner: AMC Entertainment Inc., Missouri
Project Manager: Walton Construction, Missouri
Precaster: Prestressed Systems Inc.

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