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Motor City Casino Hotel

Precast concrete floor and roof slabs were supplied for the third to fifteenth floors of the new Motor City Casino Hotel located in Detroit, Michigan. Each floor consisted of approximately 15,500 square feet of 10 in hollow core slabs and 3,600 square feet of 10 in solid slabs.

The structure is a combined system of structural steel columns, trusses, and precast slabs with the precast slabs utilized to stabilize the columns and to act as a diaphragm for each floor.

Quick delivery was required. Approximately 4,000 square feet of slabs were shipped to the job site per day, resulting in all precast slabs, and the structure, being completely installed in fourteen weeks.

"The use of precast helped to stabilize the structure by tying the trusses together, which created a safe working platform as the steel was erected. Keeping the same crew for steel and precast erection allowed better control over the site and eliminated unnecessary coordination and delays. Production was able to stay ahead of the erectors, and staging material ahead at the production facility and on site allowed flexibility in the schedule," said Robert Rea, Metro Steel Fabricators Inc.

General Contractor: Metro Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Architect: Giffels, Inc.
Precast Concrete: Hollowcore Inc.

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