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Eastside Parkade

Some innovative new precast concrete techniques are featured in the structure used for Winnipeg's Eastside Parkade.

"Three storey high 'vista walls' are the backbone of the structure", explains Michael Hatch, P. Eng., of DS-Lea. "We used exterior columns at 10.4m spacing and lightweight vista panels down the centre between bays. This simplified the structural arrangement and provided a high degree of openness that provides important safety features for vehicular and pedestrian users."

Oversized double-tees, 3.46m wide and up to 18.75m long, give long-span, column-free parking bays. This means that fewer pieces are needed with fewer joints and less weight. The 100mm thick deck was cast integrally with the tees at the precast plant.

The parkade provides additional parking for St. Boniface Hospital. Precast erection went ahead despite heavy rain that could have halted other construction methods.

Structure: Total precast structure
Total Area: 12,745 m2
Double Tees: 100 mm thick pretopped flange - 18.75 m spans
Vista Walls: Up to 11.8 m high
Parking: 457 stalls on 4 levels
Layout: Spiral
Traffic Flow: Two-way

Owner: St. Boniface General Hospital
Prime Consultant: DS-Lea Consultants Ltd.
Architect: James & Rollier Architects
Precast Contractor: Con-Force Structures Limited

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