Precast/Prestressed Concrete Benefits for Hotel Guests and Owners

Fire resistance:
Precast concrete will provide maximum fire protection for guests and its use can often significantly lower insurance costs.

Sound proof:
Hollow core reduces sound transmission to the bare minimum. Guests are assured of a quiet and comfortable stay. Sound (STC) ratings meet code requirements. This results in no noise complaints from guests - a common problem in the hotel business.

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Benefits During the Construction Phases

Fast erection:
Construction can proceed year-round in any weather. An immediate work deck is provided for other trades. Interior finishing is fast, efficient and attractive. Textured precast/prestressed concrete produces a finished ceiling that does not require additional ceiling systems. Carpet can be applied directly to untopped hollow core slabs with minimal preparation.

Economically efficient:
The building goes up quicker and therefore produces revenue sooner. Labor costs are low due to the fast erection process. Construction loans and taxes are similarly decreased.

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Quality

Provides advantages to owners and guests:
Precast concrete helps to build beautiful buildings. Precast hotels and motels are safe, economical and efficient building

Provides Advantages to Architects and Engineers:
Long spans can accommodate heavy loads and eliminate many load-bearing elements: Precast concrete structural slabs provide maximum flexibility in laying out a project. Hollow core supplies the freedom to build with masonry, concrete or steel supports. Precast simplifies openings, angles and cantilevers in floor layouts.

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