Student Members

To sustain the long-term growth of the precast concrete industry requires a focused educational program to educate future generations of designers and construction professionals.

Our mission is to expand the knowledge of students by disseminating ideas and information about the design, applications, manufacturing and use of precast concrete.

Student National Membership Program deliverables are:

  • National Precast Day)
  • PowerPoint Presentations on all products (contact
  • Sustainable precast concrete information (see
  • Presentations by precast industry personnel for your class (contact CPCI)
  • CPCI Precast Concrete Design Manual Regular price $99 (Student price $25)
  • Latest industry R&D reports
  • CPCI Imagineering Magazine (PDF version)
  • Electronic access to the CPCI 'members only' web site for resources
  • Please fill in our Online Student Membership Application

We look forward to helping you and your school educate tomorrow's construction professionals. Please contact us for additional information or call toll-free at: (877) 937-2724.

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