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Atlantida Green Square Condominio
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - April 2017
An architectural precast concrete panel system is a solution that is not commonly used in Brazil. Stamp (owned by BPDL Precast Concrete in Quebec)...
Sunset Blvd Total Precast Concrete Home
Thornbury, ON - March 2017
The Sunset Blvd total precast concrete home is a residential project located in Thornbury, Ontario. It consists entirely of architecturally finished...
Winnipeg's Centrepoint Parkade Structure
Winnipeg, Manitoba - February 2017
Centrepoint Parkade is located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It borders Hargrave Street, covering almost the entire block...
Public School 62 - The Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability
New York City, NY - January 2017
P.S. 62 is the first net zero energy school in New York City and one of the first of its kind worldwide. Also known as the Kathleen Grimm School...
AVA Theater District Apartments in Boston
- December 2016
The eye catching 30-storey residential building in Boston's Theatre District is bringing much needed residential housing to the downtown area,...
Simons Square One
Mississauga, Ontario - November 2016
La Maison Simons (Simons) is a mainstay of the Québec apparel marketplace, and its expansion into the rest of Canada has been advanced...
Surrey Civic Centre
Surrey, BC - October 2016
Surrey Civic Centre - Precast concrete origami a highlight of award winner By Diarmuid Nash The new Surrey City Hall and Plaza, a winning...
La tour des Canadiens
Montreal, Quebec - September 2016
sup{font-size:12px} Factory prefabrication raises quality, cuts construction time By Eric Croteau  Located next to the Bell Centre...
The Barrel Yards Point Towers – Switch to Precast Concrete Brings Big Cut in Construction Time
Waterloo, Ontario - August 2016
pre{font-size:12px} By Steve Nonis Point Towers, Phase 5 at The Barrel Yards in Waterloo consists of two 25-storey, 85-metre [279 feet]...
Simons Vancouver Park Royal Store
Vancouver, British Columbia
By LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design - July 2016
Simons stores have always distinguished themselves with one-of-a-kind architecture and finishes for each of its outlets. Based in Quebec, the...
Waterloo Region Consolidated Courthouse
Waterloo, Ontario - June 2016
The 430,000 sq. ft., $379 million Waterloo Region Consolidated Courthouse, is part of the province’s initiative to create a more modern,...
St. Teresa Place Supportive Living Facility
Calgary, Allberta - May 2016
St. Teresa Place facility located in Calgary, Alberta is a total precast supportive living building. The project was a successful collaboration...
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