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Spring 2016
Simons Park Royal Store
La Tour des Canadiens in Montreal
The Barrel Yards Point Towers
Humber River Hospital Parkades
Winter 2015
Ruth Garden Apartments
Surrey Civic Center
Humber River Hospital
Platopolis Condo Buildings
Spring / Summer 2015
Champagne - Quarry Park
Gibbs Gage Architects
Essential Energy Building
Harbour Isle Development
Fall 2014
UBC Ponderosa: High performance insulated precast building enclosure
True craftsmanship: St. Mary’s Hall, Boston College
Weathering the challenges at 5 Place Laval
Ingenuity with precast: 351 Water Street
Spring/Summer 2014
Casting Pan Am Games
Markham LEEDs the way with new parking structure
Looking Back Creek Bridge: A challenging design
The demand for environmental transparency grows
Fall 2013
Go Transit Parking Garages
Strength and Style at ALT Hotels
Simons: Buzz-worthy buildings
Aiming high: Hodder Avenue Underpass
Spring 2013
Setting records on Autoroute 30
Cape Breton's water facilities look to precast concrete
North Highway Connector animal underpass
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30 Park Place Tallest Precast Concrete-Clad Building in the World
St. Teresa Place Supportive Living Facility
Centrepoint Parkade
Profile FWBA Architects
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